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In 2011, the current ownership placed a Conservation Easement on all the property, not including the standing home and guest house. The North American Land Trust agreed with the request, affirming that the division of farmland and woodlots in the area resulted in fragmented land use and forests. As the land trust, they have permitted only these nine, beautiful lots to be sold for residential purposes.

This land covenant is a spectacular opportunity to be part of something grand. You gain a shared interest in the 366 allotted acres. It’s great for peaceful strolls through exclusive terrain overlooking native flowers, animals and scenery. It’s perfect for a building lasting legacy and living a life that is fulfilled.

Overdevelopment of the land disrupts wildlife corridors and is particularly threatening to the species that require large areas of forest or open land for survival; communities often introduce light, noise, domestic animals, large areas of cut grass and other factors that interfere with wildlife habitat and scenic values. The preservation of the Osprey Point Area will help avoid those issues and provide unified management of the property.

Area Overview

Located on Fort Loudoun Lake, and minutes away from Pellissippi Parkway, Osprey Point is located conveniently near Knoxville, Maryville, McGhee Tyson Airport and the Great Smoky Mountains. Take the waterways to nearby adventures and faraway excursions. Indulge in the best fine dining, shopping and leisure activities available.

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History & Heritage


It all began as a family farm. Purchased by the Bishop family from the Praters, this impressive, one-of-a-kind estate was a family oasis where Mrs. Bishop raised her prized Arabian horses among the embellished views.


The property included a small nursery, an immaculate 9,000 square foot home and 3,000 square foot guest house, a fine horse stable and training facilities, a large barn and silo, and several ancillary buildings for staff and farm equipment. After relocating out of state, the family’s estate was sold to Peachtree Pointe, LP, a local group with a desire to preserve the special charm and singular beauty of the farm.


Now, the property stands to be a substantial legacy, where owners can relax in the versatility of seclusion and convenience, opulence and style. What once was “just” a farm now houses a variety of accommodations for luxurious indoor and outdoor living.

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Area Overview